We will be holding our Year 6 Scholarship Week from Monday 16th October to Friday 20th October.

Kingsley offers Year 6 Scholarships to current Year 5 boys and girls of outstanding achievement, talent and potential. Awards are made in a range of subjects – academic, art, drama, music and sport.

Whilst Scholarships grant some financial help, the awards recognise a scholar’s contribution of excellence to the School bringing with it prestige and honour.

Do come along, we are very proud of our School and would be delighted to show you around before or during the Scholarship Week,

If you would like to find out more about our Scholarships or indeed if you wish to book your child in for a scholarship, please contact our Admissions Team by email at admissions@kingsleyschoolbideford.co.uk or 01237 426200 and let us know when to expect you during the Scholarship Week.