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30th January – 7pm – Junior Parents – Supporting your child’s reading and emotional well-being.

Presentation to Parents:

“How to support your child’s reading and emotional well-being.”

7pm – Monday 30th January 2017, Junior School Hall

This is a presentation to be given by Mrs Woolcott, Mrs Wilson and myself about how to support your child’s learning through reading and to give you some insight into the importance of emotional well-being for learning.

Mr Lovett and Mrs Wilson will each give short talks about the value of reading and how to support the development of your child’s reading skills at home.

Mrs Woolcott will give a brief overview of the THRIVE programme used by Kingsley School to promote social and emotional well being. She will also talk about how important play at home is for a child’s emotional development.

Following the presentations there will be refreshments and an opportunity to talk more informally. The evening should conclude by 7.45pm.

I do hope that you’ll be able to join us for this opportunity to find out and discuss with us the best ways to support your child’s education at home.

With all best wishes,

Matthew Lovett




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