Each week we will be doing a series of introductions to our dedicated Governors, all extremely busy individuals, who work tirelessly behind the scenes supporting and advising about all aspects of school life. Our second introduction is to Mrs Sue Fishleigh, our Vice Chair of Governors.

What achievements have made you most proud?

I started teaching English at Stella Maris Convent 50 years ago. It’s hard to believe that the Headmistress, Sister Mary Immaculate, was prepared to take on such a young graduate who assiduously followed the mini-skirt fashion of the day! Perhaps my love of literature shone through.

Still living in North Devon today, it’s truly rewarding to meet ex-pupils of diverse ages who tell me how their adult lives and professional development have been built on their learning opportunities and experiences at school. Working within the Christian ethos of three independent schools in Bideford over so many decades, I am filled with wonder at the thought of the potential of how far and wide former pupils’ meaningful and fulfilling lives might reach.

What advice would you give to your teenage self?

Until I went to university, my teenage years were spent in Jersey. No pressures then from social media – but long, hot summers of surfing and sailing. I remember an overriding sense of adventure and excitement, and yet uncertainty about the future and the choices ahead. My advice would be to hold fast to beliefs and values, to keep your feet on the ground while exploring new challenges. Keep grounded and have confidence in your own judgement. Think carefully over decisions, try to see the long term effects of turns taken at the many crossroads before you. Have faith.

What inspires you at the moment?

As a Governor at Kingsley, it’s important to see the caring environment created in school to enable pupils to grow into well-rounded and conscientious young adults. It is a constant challenge today to provide an education preparing for the fast changing world of tomorrow. It is inspiring to see our Headmaster leading the Staff at Kingsley to provide opportunities and shape systems to
help pupils find fulfillment as they seek to achieve their best in academic, cultural, creative and sporting fields, preparing for the rest of their lives.

Sue Fishleigh