Grenville Dyslexia Centre
Central to the inclusive ethos of Kingsley School is that 25% of the students are dyslexic. We take dyslexia very seriously indeed and are committed to embedding dyslexia-friendliness into every part of school life. Our aim is to help every dyslexic pupil achieve their potential, and we do this through three main approaches.
The Grenville Dyslexia Centre
The Grenville Dyslexia Centre stands at the heart of the school physically and philosophically, providing experienced and expert teaching in a relaxed but purposeful atmosphere. English lessons, including GCSE English, are delivered in the centre to dyslexia-only classes by the three full-time members of staff, and there is close liaison with the other academic departments.
A Whole-School Approach
A whole-school approach to the teaching of dyslexic pupils is applied across the curriculum, where the staff apply the principles described in the school handbook, “Don’t Make Dyslexia an Excuse”. This approach relies upon a nurturing, safe-to-learn classroom environment, and interactive, hands-on, multisensory and memorable teaching methods ... the best for dyslexic students, the best for all students.
The school does everything possible to develop the self-confidence of all our students – academically, where attitude, progress and aptitude are equally celebrated, but also through a wonderfully wide and varied enrichment programme, and a close, supportive pastoral system.
We would welcome the opportunity to work with your child. Why not visit us to see the school in action, and discuss your child’s profile with the head of the dyslexia centre?
A nurturing, supportive, encouraging environment
High expectations
A happy, successful dyslexic pupil.
Mandy Bateman
Head of the Grenville Dyslexia Centre