Magic in the woods for Bank Holiday

Marshmallows toasted on an open fire, delicious!

Kingsley School was open as usual on Bank holiday Monday with the exception of the Junior School Woods Fair. The younger pupils,  parents and friends spent the afternoon enjoying special woodland activities, cream teas, traditional games, stalls, archery and even a story telling elf.
 Paul Wilson the Kingsley Forest School’s co-ordinator had everyone toasting marshmallows and cooking damper bread around the campfire in the woods.
 A trail meandering through the trees was decorated with fairies, elves and models of strange creatures created by the children.
Visitors were encouraged to try the blindfold walk for a different sensory experience.
Mr and Mrs Renny kindly brought along their Shire Horse “Jack” to demonstrate log pulling, he was a great favourite and very fond of peppermints!
Steve Puttick was an inspiration, while his partner Anthea  made dreamcatchers and whistles to weave some woodland magic.
Senior School musicians and singers entertained and the “Kingsley School Friends” manned the stalls selling everything from teas to plants and trees.
Everyone helped out to make it a fun and happy afternoon.