Psychology and Alpacas!
Diversity in the Psychology Department!
Sixth Form students taking A Level Psychology were involved in two very different trips this week.
On Tuesday 26th June the Lower 6th went to visit Exeter Crown Court. They study Courtroom Psychology at A2 so this was directly relevant. Students saw two cases. Firstly an affray, where 3 defendants were found not guilty, which was a happy outcome and they remained ‘of good character’. In the second session they heard some of the witnesses’ evidence in an assault case. It was quite awe-inspiring to experience the solemnity of the courtroom and see the law of the land in action.

In contrast after 2 years of hard work and final exams, the Upper 6th thought they deserved a treat. So it was off to Alex's parents' small-holding. All year Alex has kept the Psychology group entertained with stories of his alpacas, and Ms Percy has spent a lot of time in Peru. They promised themselves they would visit the alpacas when the final exam was over, unfortunately they could not afford a ticket to Peru! Students bravely sported ponchos provided by Ms Percy and enjoyed seeing Alex's beautiful home.