New Judo TOCS Course for students at Kingsley
British Judo Association - Technical Officials for Clubs and Schools
The British Judo Association ran its first Technical Officials for Clubs & Schools “TOCS” course here at Kingsley School over the weekend.
The course was co-ordinated by Jess Fack, who was joined by Regional Development Officer Stephen Hammond and Terri-Ann Elliott alongside Kingsley School Club Coach Simon Ward who organised the course for the regional Judoka to take part.
The course allows children from the age of 10 years old to learn the skills and develop the knowledge in becoming a young official at Judo events. The course taught the Judoka the importance of the role, how a competition is set up, helped in developing an understanding of the referee signals and commands, and to then how to put the scores and penalties onto a score board. Finally they learnt just how much concentration is required to keep up with the referee whilst controlling the stopwatch during a contest time!
The Judoka were then able to complete a number of practical Judo bouts which allowed them to practise their new skills using electronic and manual scoreboards, prior to completing a final written quiz to see how much knowledge had been learnt.
Finlay Mathers Y6, Louis Hughes Y6, Lander King Y11,  Clara Gawlas  Y10, Josh Hunt Y12 and Alexandra Way Y13 along with two other members from the community club, all truly enjoyed the course and found the opportunity to have a practical go at officiating a real challenge and something which will now encourage them to continue to work as a TOCS in local judo competitions in the future.
Louis Hughes said “It was a great day. I found it a fun and exciting way to learn about the scores and how the scoreboards work. I’ve fought in a few competition and never really thought about it before. It was not as easy as I thought it was.”
Lander King said “I had a really good day. I don’t really enjoy competition judo, but this is something I found I liked and would very much enjoy carrying on and working at events.”
Simon Ward said “The course tutors presented the course brilliantly. It was well structured and had a good balance of practical and theory work. I see these courses as having a vital role in keeping Judoka interested in areas of Judo which are outside of the common hard training and competition circuits."
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