2012 Olympic Judo visitor

International Judo Training Camp

The John Davies Western Area Summer International Training Camp 2012 took place from Saturday 11th to Wednesday 15th August here at Kingsley School.

After Britain's Judo success at the Olympics, a newly inspired group of Judoka travelled to North Devon for the third annual training camp. Judoka from Germany, France as well as many parts of Wales and England were welcomed to School for five days.

This year the group had a surprise visit by Emmanuel Nartey, who had just competed at the London 2012 Olympics for Ghana. He spent time demonstrating some of his winning techniques and then answered questions about his Olympic and training experiences. He was a great inspiration to the children focusing on the importance of following the dream and working hard to achieve the goals you set yourself.

The camp was organised by Kingsley School Judo coach Simon Ward and Sandra Klinger who is British Judo's Technical Officer for the Western Area.  They provided a tough, but excellent range of training blocks for all the Judoka. This included early starts with runs and circuit training, followed by morning technical sessions on the mat. In the afternoon there were fun but challenging physical activity tests, incorporating climbing, high ropes adventure and surfing! Each day rounded off with a return to the mat for a two hour Randori session.
This year’s camp was extra special as it included guest coaching sessions. Sandra Klinger’s constant technical input each day was greatly appreciated. On Monday a regional England Excell event was held, led by Jason Parsons and Simon Ward who delivered two brilliant technical and randori sessions, supported by Steve Clarke. The afternoon sessions where run by former World Champion Loretta Doyle and Juergen Klinger who is the high performance coach at Bath University. Both led outstanding technical sessions on movement patterns and breaking balance.
The camp came to a fun end with a relaxed BBQ, where the French Judoka family spent time teaching everyone a French song! Simon Ward said “This was a perfect way to end our camp as the main idea is to bring groups together and not only learn and improve the Judo skills, but to also build fun and lasting social friendships between the Judoka”.
Clara Gawlas (Year 10) came back from Germany especially for the camp. She said “I had an amazing time and learnt so much. I’m very tired from the hard training, but it was fun as so many other people were there to enjoy the experience”.
The training camp will return again next year and hopefully once again become a major part of the Judo calendar for so many young developing Judoka.
Kingsley School offers Judo scholarships for academic study and Judo performance training as well as very active local community Judo program for beginners from the age of five. If you are interested in either programme please contact Simon – wards@kingsleyschoolbideford.co.uk