Future Olympians 2032!
Pre-School Sports Day & Picnic
The Pre-School children had a lucky break with the weather on Wednesday for their sports morning and picnic with their teddy-bears. The focus was on experiencing as many different sports as possible, while having fun and learning new skills. There was everything from long jump in the sand pit, spongy foam javelin throwing, golf, basketball and penalty football taking (England take note!), to name but a few. The children had been practising for several weeks helped along by students from the Senior School, who had also been learning useful skills in the art of kindly words of encouragement and sticking on the very necessary 'well done' stickers!
When the children had all tried each activity and everyone thought they were tired out, they suddenly found renewed energy for the final race, which was a mass run around the track, with cuddly toys tucked under their arms!
Not to be left out there was the traditional highly competitive mothers and fathers' races and one for the Pre-School staff too!
The event was masterminded by Sports Teacher Brown Cardoo with help from fellow staff members and Year 11 and Sixth Form helpers.