The Kingsley School Nursery is housed in its own separate and purpose-equipped building on the beautiful Kingsley School campus.
We have our own kitchen where we can prepare fresh hot and cold drinks and snacks throughout the day. Kingsley's main kitchen provides our freshly-prepared healthy lunches.
We also have our own special washing, bathing, nappy-changing and toilet facilities, with every detail planned specifically for babies and toddlers.
There are two large sleep rooms, with cots for babies and safety beds for toddlers. Each of our playrooms has been designed for a specific age group: they all offer a comfortable and tranquil space. There is a soft playroom for wet indoor play and Iggle Piggle Island for creativity sessions.
The children also spend a generous amount of time outdoors, in our covered patio play area, an enclosed designated grass area with a summerhouse, and Kingsley’s 25 acres of playing fields and woodlands, where they can enjoy all their activities in a safe, healthy environment, under the gentle supervision of our caring professional staff.