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Welcome to the International Students’ section of Kingsley School.  We value our International Students highly. We do our best to make them feel ‘at home’ here while helping them achieve their academic goals, whether it is getting a place at a good university or passing GCSEs or GCE A Level examinations. In the same way that our International Students benefit from participating in our English educational environment, we enjoy and appreciate the contact with other cultures that they can offer us.
Kingsley School is a Tier 4 Sponsor accredited by UK Visas and Immigration and enjoys an exceptional record in gaining visas for our non European students.

To the student:
Studying in a different country is a brave and exciting step. We will make life easier for you in the first weeks and after, explaining everything you need to know to make your time here happy and successful. There is always someone near who will answer any questions you have. 

To see video introductions from some of our students in their own language please click International Introductions

You will be taken to EAL (ESOL) in a couple of seconds.
New legislation relating to the Vetting and Barring policy came into place in October 2009. This means that we have to be far more active as a school in ensuring that the boarders are being looked after in the holiday periods in a way that is seen as reasonable in British law.

In view of this the following must be in place before a boarder may start at Kingsley School. Boarders should have a named guardian whilst attending Kingsley School or have an appointed guardian agency accredited by AEGIS. (AEGIS is an organisation in Britain that ensures the quality of care for overseas students when in the care of guardianship agencies.) Named guardians must be over 25, not be living in communal residence such as university accommodation and must be close relations to the student (someone that they know).

It may be possible to consider close family friends but the school will reserve the right to deem a proposed guardian as not suitable if it feels the named guardian is not suitably acquainted with the student. It will not be suitable to use guardians of other boarders at Kingsley School as appointed guardians. If no suitable named guardian can be found then a guardianship agency will need to be appointed to oversee the care of the students outside of term time.

There are a good number of these in the UK but not all are registered with AEGIS and some can be very expensive. We are not able to appoint an agency on your behalf, but we are able to recommend an agency with which we have had a number of students with over a number of years. Further to this it will now be policy that at half term breaks the school will only arrange transport to and from the location of the guardian. Transport to other destinations will need to be made by the student’s family and the school will require details of who is responsible for the student if it is not the appointed guardian.
A coach for students,  accompanied by a member of staff,  travels from London’s Heathrow Airport at the beginning of each term and returns at the end of each term. 

To book a seat for your child on the coach please contact Mrs Ann Neale as soon as possible with your child's flight details including flight arrival date, time and flight number.


PHONE: +44 1237 426243
Mrs Neale is happy to help students with the booking of Taxis, Trains and Buses within the U.K.

Unaccompanied Minors

It is most important that you inform the school if your child is travelling as an unaccompanied minor. You will either need to make arrangements for a Guardian to accompany your child at the airport or alternatively, the school will offer this service at an additional charge.

If you require this service, please contact the school no later than three weeks before the end of term.