Matthew Lovett

First of all a very warm welcome to everyone. Whilst it has been a long summer break, it seems to have gone by in flash. I have only been here a few days, yet I already feel part of the Junior School, and this reflects the warmth of the welcome I have received from the whole team here. I am so grateful to the many members of staff who have given their time over the summer to ensure normal service in the Nursery and the excellent facility provided by the Holiday Club.

It’s exciting to note a number of developments across the whole school site, including the astro-pitch nearing completion alongside additional changing rooms for the Sports Hall, and a newly resurfaced car park, which, speaking from experience, will enhance the experience for new arrivals to the school.

As the new term starts we shall be focusing initially on ensuring that the basics of good manners and courtesy are in place. I am looking forward to seeing all the pupils, including a number of new pupils, on Monday afternoon for their first assembly with me, during which I hope I can begin to get to know the pupils as they begin to get to know me. Whilst I believe firmly that each child should feel known and understood, I also suffer from a hopeless memory, so please reassure your children that I will learn their names – it might just take me a little while.

I have enjoyed reading the welcome letters from the staff and I know that there are a lot of exciting topics and activities planned for the term to come. If you have concerns, please don’t hesitate to make contact with your child’s teacher and my door is also open, should you want to pop in for a chat.

I look forward to having the opportunity to say hello on Monday morning or thereafter and to welcoming all the pupils back to school. And in the meantime, have a great weekend.