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Kingsley Governors are fully committed to supporting the Headmaster and staff to make the school a place of excellence in all respects.

Of course we have legal responsibilities and we are ultimately responsible to the Methodist Board of Education so that our Christian heritage is seen as a touchstone, we value the Board’s commitment to the success of its schools.

Through our committees we aim to understand the day to day operations of the school and do all that we can to enhance every opportunity for the school’s development in the interest of providing education fit for our times. We are proud of Kingsley as a good place where young people can flourish and begin to realise their dreams.

David Pinney
Chairman of Governors

Governors can be contacted via the Chairman or through the School Office

Mr David Pinney

19, Mount Pleasant
EX39 5HW

  • David PinneyChair of Governors
  • Sue Fishleigh  – Vice Chair of Governors, Chair of Education and Boarding Committee
  • Lisa HartyMember of Marketing and Recruitment Committee
  • Jane HellierChair of Marketing and Recruitment Committee, Vice-Chair of Education and Boarding Committee
  • Richard HolwillChair of Finance & Estates Committee
  • Ian HuggettVice Chair of Finance & Estates Committee
  • Clive Okill – Member of Education and Boarding Committee
  • Andrew LaugharneChair of Personnel and Human Relations Committee 
  • Michael PortmanMember of Personnel and Human Relations Committee
  • Graham ThompsonA Governor at Kingsley since September 2014 as a representative of the wider Methodist Church and having served on other governing bodies in different parts of the country.
  • John Tomalin – Member of the Finance & Estates Committee
  • Jane WoodhamsMember of the Marketing and Recruitment Committee
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