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Kingsley Friends is a relaxed and sociable group of parents and teachers, whose aim is simply to unite all parts of the school community and to support and promote the school by:

  • Co-ordinating a wide variety of events for social and/or profit-making purposes for the benefit of the whole school community.
    Assisting in the organisation of special events or activities as initiated by the school.
  • During this academic year, our events will range from the popular Christmas craft fair, bonfire night celebrations, May Bank Holiday woods fair, new parents evening and refreshments at sports days, to school cake days, Christmas parties and the infamous Easter egg hunt, and more!

We run a second hand uniform shop and donations can be left at either Senior or Junior reception.  I try to be at school on Friday mornings – first thing- if parents want to buy used uniform – or they can email me to see if I have what they need in stock. We need more donations and all proceeds go to the Kingsley friends.

Kingsley Friends have also signed up to the ‘Easy Fundraising’ system, where you can do your shopping online as normal but raise funds for our group at no extra cost to you. Please join the ‘Kingsley School PTA’ group- link below. There are over 3,000 retailers in the scheme so you are sure to find some that you use regularly.

Easy Fundraising – Kingsley School PTA

The funds raised are donated throughout the school in a manner the Committee considers appropriate, whilst taking into consideration the recommendations of the Head Teachers.

We’re always delighted to welcome new faces, either to join the Committee, or maybe just to assist with a particular event. Anyone with a little spare time, plenty of enthusiasm, or maybe a great idea for a new event or to make an existing event even more successful, PLEASE do get in touch with a member of the committee, either in passing at the school or via e mail.


Gordon Jobbins (Chair) –
Gabby Hews (Vice Chair)
Sarah Hansen (Treasurer)
Tania Horrocks (Secretary)
Pam Barker
Elaine Beresford
Lucy Goaman

Debbie Marks
Karen Smyth
Jenny Jobbins
Gabby Hews
Angela Turley
Corne Macwilliam
Kelly Lawrence

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