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Visit to the Victorian schoolroom

Our Junior School children visited the Victorian Schoolroom in Appledore and transformed into 'Victorian children,' adhering to Victorian classroom strict rules. They wrote with quills and and ink and did their best with copperplate handwriting. It was a wonderful experience…

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Physical Maths

A level Maths Students in Year 12 took part in a physical maths lesson to keep them motivated as we come to the end of a busy term. This was particularly useful for the tired students who had just returned…

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It’s Tuesday, it must be Handball!

Tuesday night is Devon Handball Association club night at Kingsley School; here are some photos from training yesterday. For more information on this and our other community clubs please visit our community club page on our website.…/community-clubs/ Thank you.…

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Geography Iceland Trip 2016

Iceland is where brand new crust is formed where the Eurasian and North American plates are pulling apart, and we are here at the moment to get up close to some of the most spectacular landscapes, waterfalls, rock formations and…

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Quantum Physics and Parallel Universes

Students in Years 6-8 listened, enthralled, as visiting author, Christopher Edge, talked to them about his most recent novel, ‘The Many Worlds of Albie Bright’. He described how the main character, Albie, uses quantum physics to travel to parallel universes…

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