And so Christmas is nearly upon us, peering over the horizon with promises of warm winter food and brightly wrapped presents all piled high; I can almost hear the sleigh bells ringing, the dulcet tones of carollers and the wafting aroma of roasting turkey drifting through my office door. I feel like Scrooge the morning after he was visited by the three ghosts of Christmas; re-invigorated with the excitement of Christmas (after a long period of grumpy denial, perhaps?) and ready for the challenge to come.

The Christmas Fayre last Saturday was amazing – so good to see so many people of all ages visiting the school for this joyous event. I spent far too much, but the array of interesting and hand-made arts and crafts was excellent; my wife particularly liked the goat’s milk soap, and I enjoyed the hand-made truffles! Could I extend our collective thanks to all those who helped to run this fabulous community event; the pupils, the parents and school staff –  all of whom helped run stalls, park cars, prepare refreshments, run raffles and assisted stall holders with setting up and clearing away at the end. It was an amazing team effort.


And then our Christmas celebrations began in earnest yesterday with the wonderful Nativity play performed by our youngest pupils from the Pre-School, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes. This year’s performance followed the tale (or should that be tail) of Rodney the Stable Rat, the ultimate outsider, rejected by everyone until he finds acceptance when smiled at by the newly born baby Jesus. I loved how the play made excellent use of the older pupils to guide and, in at least one instance literally, shepherd the younger pupils through what was for most of them their first experience of being on stage and performing to an audience.

Of particular note was the performance of Freddy, playing Rodney the Rat. Freddy was assured, confident and very natural in his acting – a star in the making. But of course, as I said yesterday, a Nativity cannot have enough stars, and this one was full of them. The children spoke clearly, sang beautifully and acted with wonderful confidence.


I know for many parents this was the first opportunity to see their child on stage – hence tears flowed, but I am also aware that for many of the Year 2 parents, this was their last Nativity and thus the end of an era. Our children grow up so quickly, we need to treasure these moments. I am very much looking forward to seeing the DVD when it is ready and remember to look at our Facebook page for photos from the production.


The week has been rounded off with staff and children wearing Christmas jumpers today to raise money for Save The Children. With the arrival of our Christmas trees (one in the Assembly Hall and a small one by the front door), Christmas has well and truly begun. Have a great weekend.

Matthew Lovett