It has felt a good, but busy few weeks with many sporting fixtures and matches. Today is no exception with Year 6 out at an indoor rowing competition this morning, and all of KS2 involved in matches against West Buckland this afternoon.
In the run up to half term next week, things will step up a notch and get even busier with our Creativity Week, this year on the topic of space. You may remember last year the great success of Pole to Pole, and how children had a great time exploring the many different aspects of this topic, from countries and oceans along the same line of longitude as Bideford, to events, exploration and animals at the different poles.
Next week will prove easily as exciting, with once again different classes looking at different aspects of space: exploration, planets, aliens and much more, with some classes going for a factual angle, and other classes using imagination to create wonderful worlds and creatures.
Space week will be punctuated with Onesie Wednesday to raise money for Devon Air Ambulance Trust following their visit to Prep School yesterday, and Space Dress Up day on the last day of term.
Sounds like a lot of fun to finish off this busy half term!
Have a great weekend.
Best wishes
Andrew Trythall
Head of Kingsley Prep School