Dyslexia Awareness Week

One in ten children nationally are thought to have dyslexia, and there are more with dyslexic tendencies. This week is Dyslexia Awareness Week and at Kingsley we help develop appropriate learning strategies that allow all pupils to achieve in line with their potential.

For our pupils with dyslexia we can provide support in our Learning Development Centre by developing bespoke learning plans, underpinned by tailored learning strategies, and by:

* creating a safe learning environment where pupils take risks in their learning and ask questions, even if they think they might be silly ones

* valuing each pupil for their unique contribution in the classroom and outside the classroom

* fostering an environment where the pupils respect each other and have a sense of pride in their collective achievements

*developing a genuine ethos of praise and encouragement across the school community

* adopting a can-do attitude throughout the school

* creating an atmosphere where making mistakes is okay because they are important part of the learning process

*helping pupils manage their feelings and emotions so they can learn better

* encouraging pupils to nurture their wider interests, perhaps in sport, music, art, and drama so development isn’t just confined to the classroom.

Kingsley’s dyslexics learn to overcome or sidestep their previously hidden and frustrating barriers, allowing them to accomplish their dreams and career paths. In fact, being dyslexic is often found to be a catalyst for success — forcing pupils to develop and utilize hidden talents.

Happy Dyslexia Awareness Week everyone!