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Kingsley School Nursery
The perfect choice for working parents

We are open from 8am to 6pm from Monday to Friday, throughout the year – not just conventional school terms,  We close for one week at Christmas and all public bank holidays.

While the daily routines at the Nursery are naturally play-centred, the Early Years Foundation stage and three prime areas lie at the heart of what the children are encouraged to achieve.

In any event, play carries enormous importance and value in its own right. To a young child, work can be play and play can be work: both are largely an attitude of mind. Purposeful play develops a child’s imagination, creativity, language, problem-solving ability, physical skills and independence.

At Kingsley School Nursery, children are given the freedom to explore and discover through play, within a structured and prepared environment, indoors and out.

Kingsley School Pre-School
The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum provides the basis of our educational planning: the children’s own interests, imaginations and needs provide the inspiration for how we deliver that education.

With that in mind, a typical pre-school day will begin, in common with the rest of the Junior School, at 8, when breakfast is available and the children enjoy some table-top and carpet activities before registration and perhaps Assembly at 8.50.

The children’s day will regularly include reading and phonic work, singing, stories and rhymes, art and craft, indoor and outdoor play, and other planned activities.

Lunch in the main dining hall is followed by teeth cleaning.

Story-time brings the “working” day to an end at 4, but the children are welcome to stay on for tea until 4.45, when our stay-and-play session caters for those children who are collected at 6.

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