We started the week in the Junior School by talking about how we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover; in other words, when something happens we need to take time to find out what is really going on and not just jump to conclusions based on our first impressions.  The pupils enjoyed looking at this famous image called “My wife and my mother-in-law” by the cartoonist W.E. Hill.  Look at it one way and you see an old woman; look again and in a different way and you’ll see a young woman.


We celebrated on Thursday by presenting our first Silver Merit awards to Charlotte and Gaius and two more Headmaster’s Commendations to Ben and Charlie.

I am particularly pleased with how Year 6 pupils are taking the lead in a number of ways. They now lead Take Ten in the mornings, gave excellent support last Friday at the Multi-Skills Festival for the infants and this week have begun to help escort younger pupils back from lunch. They demonstrate increasing maturity – well done!

Next week we have our excellent Nativity Play presented by our younger pupils. Please remember you will be receiving a complimentary DVD of the play recorded by a professional production company – so need to film it yourself! I look forward to welcoming you at 10am in the theatre on Thursday and please join me for mince pies etc afterwards.

Matthew Lovett