Perhaps one of the toughest things about lockdown for many of us is not being able to see friends and family. It is so important to try and stay connected even if we cannot physically be together.
There are lots of ways of doing this, such as:
* Video calling – perhaps help one another with studying or put on some music and have a sing-along like you would do in the boarding house or at home.
* Activities together – such as watching a film ‘together’ or have a virtual meal together, cooking together and then enjoying the meal with each other.
* Start a book club – get together online with your like-minded school friends and share your favourite books and then decide on which book you could all read together next. Or if books aren’t your thing, morph it into a Netflix Club!
* Virtual escape room – create your own digital escape room to solve puzzles with friends online using google forms. Or join one together which has already been set up, such as The Hogwarts Escape
* Celebrating birthdays – please try and remember your friends’ birthdays and other occasions to make them special and memorable.
* Enjoy board games online – if you love the competitiveness of a game of monopoly or are determined to solve Cluedo, you will be able to find free versions of many board games online, get your friends to set up an account with you and jump on a group call and start playing!
Of course, it isn’t possible to stay connected, positive and busy all of the time. But, let’s remember that it wasn’t many weeks ago that our borders, in their bubble, enjoyed their early Christmas Party, a really happy and fun night altogether. It may feel like a whole other world, but we will soon all be back together having fun and enjoying the everyday and special occasions at Kingsley.
Photo Credit: Aym Dupuy