Getting through lockdown III together – school day #7: the joys of baking @RiverCottageHQ 10 minute chocolate chip cookies and giving to others.
Providing a sense of normalcy is what many of us are craving right now. We usually bake for happy occasions, so it is sanity-saving if we can trick our brains by having cookies or cake or cupcakes around!
From her home in North Devon, Sophie has just baked a batch of ’10 minute cookies’ from Devon-based Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s recipe (…/ten-minute-chocolate…) but has changed it by switching to gluten-free flour, making the cookies extremely crumbly and moreish!
So, what will you be busy creating in your kitchen today? Do share your recipes and baking pictures in the comments.
And, while you are in your kitchen please have a look in your cupboards for items which you could donate to your local foodbank. Here in North Devon and Torridge, there are 6 food banks operating. There are multiple drop off points at supermarkets and banks to make giving easier Items to donate include: dried milk, instant mash potato, long life fruit juice, rice pudding, male toiletries, cereals, tinned tomatoes, pasta sauce, tinned fish, ham, spam, corned beef, biscuits tea bags, soup, tinned sponge pudding, sugar and loo roll.
Most foodbanks are not able to accept homemade cookies (although, I am sure the volunteers would be grateful).