As calming as it can be lying on a blanket on a summer’s day, watching the clouds, have you ever tried wrapping up warm on a cold February night, going outside and lying outside and watching the stars?
When there’s next a clear night sky, print out some star charts (there are lots of free printables online) which give a pictorial representation of the night sky to help identify the stars.
You don’t need a telescope or any fancy equipment. With the naked eye, the average person can see several thousands of stars. Just head outside with a blanket, a warm flask of something and get stargazing!
It is the Lunar New Year on Friday, so the first full moon of the new lunar year. This can often be a good time to go out and do some star-spotting. Can you see the Big Dipper, Great Bear, Cassiopeia, and Orion? And see what patterns the stars are making? Just like when you watch clouds, see if you can find shapes and outlines in the patterns of dots.
Always fun!