The Woodland Trust wants the future to be rich in trees so, thanks to generous funding by their lead partners Sainsbury’s, IKEA UK, players of People’s Postcode Lottery and Yorkshire Tea, they are giving away tree packs to schools and communities for planting between now and March 2017

Every pack is different, but each one contains saplings from seeds which were collected and grown in the UK. Today we took delivery of a huge number of saplings provided by The Woodland Trust for our forest schools lessons. Mr Wilson and Year 3 got straight to work and have been learning all about planting trees and have created new homes for about 20 hazel trees.


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kingsley-school-bideford-north-devon-tree-planting-5 kingsley-school-bideford-north-devon-tree-planting-6 kingsley-school-bideford-north-devon-tree-planting-7