The Kingsley School Judo Club team completed a second successful festival event with Wellington School in Somerset last week.

This was a return fixture after our Somerset neighbours first visited Kingsley earlier in the term, to start our new judo development partnership between the two schools.

It was very pleasing to be able to take along 15 enthusiastic students to participate in the event. Our team consisted of a mix of experienced Judo fighters and some beginners to the sport, who have all recently joined the schools’ Judo training programme.

The event involved an opportunity for students from both schools to train together in a development session, prior to then moving into some competitive bouts between the schools in a Randori set up.

This gave all the students an important opportunity to put into practice some of the coaching points practised during the training.

Our Kingsley team enjoyed and gained some much-valued knowledge from the event, and all improved their skill levels within the Randori matches.

Newcomer Woo in Year 12 was a standout performer, with a number of good techniques being achieved during his contests. Year 7 student Joshua developed his confidence tremendously well, as he kept pushing himself forward to take part in as many contests as he could during the session. Jersey in Year 5 was the youngest and smallest judoka on the mat. However, this didn’t stop her determination to succeed as she set about throwing almost everyone who had a practice with her.

Overall the trip was a huge success for both schools ending the afternoon with a meal kindly provided by Wellington School.
I’m very proud of all our team, in particular our newcomers, who showed so much potential and development during the festival.

We are now looking to develop further events between the schools within Judo next term.

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