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Every day is different at Kingsley – that’s part of what makes it so special. And our under-7’s naturally follow a somewhat different routine from the older pupils.

The Junior School opens for everyone every morning at 8am, with a  supervised session in the Hall. Weather-permitting, everyone heads out to the playground at 8.30am, for a valuable blast of fresh air and exercise.

As part of the Methodist group of schools, we hold two all-school Assemblies each week, which gives us the opportunity to share and celebrate our pupils’ achievements, large and small – and their birthdays.

Lunch is served in the main school dining hall, with our children sharing a table with their teacher, who can advise and encourage as necessary.

The end of regular lessons at 4pm signals the start of our after-school clubs and activities, all run by our staff and other qualified coaches. While these activities end at 4.50pm, we are happy to look after the children by prior arrangement until 6pm.

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