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Follow the Head of the Prep School on daily life at Kingsley School

04Mar 19

Read for Good – Sponsored Read

Welcome back to the second half of the Spring Term. I trust you all had a great half term with your children. Many thanks for all the wonderful reading in an unusual place photos we’ve had in. Next week marks the start of our sponsored read. We all know how…

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18Feb 19

Reading in an Unusual Place Photo

With World Book Day fast approaching, there will be lots of encouragement for reading books next term. Not only will there be a dress up day on World Book Day on March 7th, but there will also be a sponsored read, and our ‘Reading a Book in an Unusual Place’…

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08Feb 19

Creativity Week

It has felt a good, but busy few weeks with many sporting fixtures and matches. Today is no exception with Year 6 out at an indoor rowing competition this morning, and all of KS2 involved in matches against West Buckland this afternoon. In the run up to half term next…

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05Feb 19

Sporting Success

The wonderful thing about Friday’s Celebration Assembly in Prep School is we all get to share in everyone’s successes, and over the last few weeks, there have been some outstanding sporting achievements to celebrate. Last week we had the Junior ISA Cross-Country in Exeter. A number of KS2 children went…

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25Jan 19

Bring your family to lunch

Today is the start of bringing your family (mums, dads, grandparents) to lunch, with the Reception class enjoying their family joining them for lunch today. It is so lovely to be able to invite families to come and share a school lunch with their children, and naturally, all the children…

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18Jan 19


  It was lovely to receive a letter this week from Edukid to inform and thank us as a whole school community that we had raised £441.39 for their charity. This was raised from the various Christmas events, such as the collection after the Prep School Nativity play. So first…

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11Jan 19


Happy New Year I’m sure you have participated in many discussions regarding New Year’s resolutions, and may have even made some yourself, and perhaps already broken a few! Every term Kingsley Prep School have a theme running through the term. Last term we focused on the ‘Golden Rule’ from the…

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13Dec 18

13th Dec. Head of Prep School Christmas blog

Christmas Celebrations As usual in any Prep School, the run up to the last day with Christmas celebrations have been very busy. For us it started a few months ago with preparations and rehearsals for both choir and for EYFS and KS1 for their wonderful nativity ‘Hey Ewe’. We also…

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17Mar 17

Cross Country – Bideford

I really enjoyed attending the Instow Cross Country event with all the Junior School pupils yesterday at Bideford College playing fields.  Part of that was being able to chat to the children as we walked them across and back, but it was also seeing them all taking part in such…

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10Mar 17

From little acorns..

In today’s assembly I asked the pupil’s to think about how oak trees can live for over a thousand years; and so if an old oak tree could talk, what might it be able to tell us about how the world has changed in that time. I have always loved…

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03Mar 17

Pancake Skills

I love Pancake Day! A real chance to show off my cooking skills to the children. To some extent, the mere spectacle of the Headmaster making a mess with flour, eggs and milk to make batter, and then sending pancakes flying around the Assembly Hall , with the ever present…

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24Feb 17

The Hare and the Tortoise

  In assembly, on Monday we talked about the tortoise and the hare – how sometimes slow and steady is a better approach than rushing to the end and allowing complacency to get in the way of attention to detail.     It’s a conundrum I’ve come across a lot…

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10Feb 17

Non-Uniform day

It’s such fun to see the children wearing their Silly Socks, their Terrific Tights or their Terrible Ties (mostly supplied by the dads, who might feel a little hurt to have their favourite ties described like that). It’s all for a good cause, The North Devon Hospice, who are holding…

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20Jan 17


On Wednesday in the Key Stage 2 Assembly, Miss Wilson discussed with the children what it is to be a good friend. I’ve asked many different children this same question many times over the years and you fairly consistently get similar answers which are along the lines that friends should…

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13Jan 17

Friday the 13th!

There’s an awful lot of superstition that goes with a date like today’s.  I remember very vividly when I first became aware of the superstition. I was aged seven and along with my best friend I was given the responsibility of cleaning out the cage containing our class stick insects.…

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06Jan 17

New Year’s Resolutions

A Happy New Year to everyone. It is lovely to see the pupils back in school – there does come a point during the break when I think we all realise it is time to get back to a normal routine, and whilst the shock of the early starts might…

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10Dec 16

Christmas is coming

Congratulations to Mrs Thorne and the choir for a super performance on Monday evening at the Methodist Church Christmas Concert.  Their performance and behaviour were excellent and a credit to the school and their parents. The end of term and Christmas approach rapidly – the Christmas trees are up, the…

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02Dec 16

Christmas Time in the Junior School

And so Christmas is nearly upon us, peering over the horizon with promises of warm winter food and brightly wrapped presents all piled high; I can almost hear the sleigh bells ringing, the dulcet tones of carollers and the wafting aroma of roasting turkey drifting through my office door. I…

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25Nov 16

First Impressions

We started the week in the Junior School by talking about how we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover; in other words, when something happens we need to take time to find out what is really going on and not just jump to conclusions based on our first impressions. …

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21Nov 16

Do all the good you can

This week has been anti-bullying week.  On Monday we began with an assembly about what bullying is and what it is not.  We talked about bullying being intentionally negative, persistent and related to some imbalance of power in a relationship; age, physical size, or position. We also talked about what…

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17Nov 16

We will miss you Mrs King!

  After over 11 years with the school, my secretary and the beating heart of the Junior School office, Mrs Melanie King, has been appointed to an exciting new role with the NHS and so will be leaving us. I know how hard Mel works to smooth the operation of…

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11Nov 16

A busy week

Last Friday was a busy day not least because of the Cross-Country event hosted here for not just our pupils but several local primary schools. Whilst this was an important team event, where each individual’s performance counted towards the final score for the school, I would like to congratulate Lulu…

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04Nov 16

Good to be back after half-term

It was lovely to welcome all the children back this week after the lovely half-term break and what a busy week we have had. It was a great pleasure being able to introduce Pete Last, the new Headmaster of Kingsley School, to some of you on Monday evening and he…

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21Oct 16

Happy Harvest

Wow – what a week! Well done to our all the pupils who took part in the Kingsley Entertains concert last night. Great to see both emerging and well-established talents across such a wide range of performing arts and from our youngest Frolicking Fiddlers to the older pupil (and staff)…

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14Oct 16

Friday 14th October – Apple Time

There is a definite chill in the air – summer has passed and autumn is definitely here. I have been spending my weekends juicing surplus apples on my new apple press – wonderful therapy and very satisfying and this year certainly seems to have been a bumper year for apples.…

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23Sep 16

Certificates of Participation

We had a lovely sports festival on Monday with St.Petrocs, with all the Year 3 and Year 4 pupils from both schools working together in mixed teams trying out a variety of sporting tasks and challenges.  Well done to all our pupils who took part and it was a joy…

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16Sep 16

Two weeks into term

Two weeks into term and we’re settling well into the routines of school life. The fantastic weather this week has helped and I am pleased to see how hard the children are working. Great start everyone! And with the publication of the ISI Inspection report we can now celebrate the…

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09Sep 16

First Week – Friday 9th September 2016

It has been a great pleasure meeting all the pupils properly this week and starting to get to know them better. I was amazed by how many birthdays from over the summer holidays we had to celebrate yesterday in Celebration Assembly. I have also been impressed by how responsive the…

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02Sep 16

A warm welcome from Junior Head, Mr Matthew Lovett

First of all a very warm welcome to everyone. Whilst it has been a long summer break, it seems to have gone by in flash. I have only been here a few days, yet I already feel part of the Junior School, and this reflects the warmth of the welcome…

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