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Kingsley MENSA member

Congratulations to Kingsley Sixth Former Youngmin Park who has just been invited to join Mensa.

The Mensa-supervised test for IQ, or intelligence quotient, is split into two sections that attempt to measure mental agility. Cattell III B has 150 questions, often assessing comprehension through passages of texts. The second paper, Cattell Culture Fair III A, is largely diagrammatical, with 50 questions. It includes no words – eliminating the disadvantage of having English as an additional language, or language-processing issues such as dyslexia, according to the Mensa society.

A top 2% score on either would result in an invitation to join Mensa, and there are currently just under 1,500 society members aged under 18 in the UK.

Congratulations from us all at Kingsley.
Over to Youngmin to explain more…..



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