Kingsley now has three climate change teachers.

Congratulations to Mr Whaley (Head of Geography), Mr Craig McConnachie (Head of Business Studies) and Mr Mario D’Agostino (Maths Teacher).

Why would a maths teacher become an accredited climate change teacher? Mathematical information is central to predicting, communicating and working with issues related to climate change, whether for scientists, politicians or the general public.

Why would a business studies teacher become an accredited climate change teacher? Our pupils will be entering the world of work where businesses will have a truly ethical responsibility in their day-to-day practice, and challenges in their supply chain that make the inclusion of climate change, and the considered decision-making behind it, a value-laden and complex business task.

And a geography teacher? Well, pupils have been taught about environmental sustainability for many years in their geography lessons. But, now, there are so many new examples of how humans are disturbing the habitats of the Earth, and the questions of how to respond to climate change and which values should be prioritized makes climate change an ethically ambiguous field of study for geographers.

Celebrating our newly qualified UN climate change teachers, across subject departments at Kingsley and the launch of the new of The Earth Centre puts environmental sustainability at the heart of school life: increasing awareness, asking the right questions and developing the leaders and practitioners for the future.