Each week we will be doing a series of introductions to our dedicated Governors, all extremely busy individuals, who work tirelessly behind the scenes supporting and advising about all aspects of school life. Our third introduction is to Mrs Sally Davies.

What achievements have made you proud?

I moved to North Devon 34 years ago to continue teaching Science, first at Grenville College and then at Kingsley School. Teaching has been a very rewarding career; I will never forget the look of excitement as a Year 7 pupil lights a Bunsen burner for the first time or the expression on a pupil’s face when they understand a concept after several attempts. Extracurricular activities are an important part of school life, and I am proud that I have introduced many pupils to skiing, one of my favourite activities. I often hear from ex-pupils that they are still participating in the sport and taking their families with them.

It is always wonderful to learn about the achievements and successes of former pupils and know that you played a small part in their development.

I am also very proud and honoured to be a Governor at Kingsley School and to be able to contribute to a school, which I believe, offers so much to every individual child.

What inspires me at the moment?

Since retiring from teaching I particularly enjoy walking, whether it is around our village, along the Tarka Trail or on Exmoor. Observing the changes that take place in nature every day is truly inspiring. It reminds me that nature carries on regardless of what else is happening in the world, and adapts to what life throws at it, although it saddens me that we are responsible for destroying so many habitats.

What advice would you give to your teenage self?

I spent my teenage years in Hong Kong where the school day finished at lunchtime, afternoons were spent at the beach, swimming, water skiing, sailing or windsurfing, and homework had to be fitted in around this!

I didn’t have much confidence in my academic abilities, as every school report mentioned! It was the words of one of my 6th form teachers that made me start to believe that I could achieve what I wanted to. My advice to my younger self would be to listen to advice, value the wisdom of others, be flexible with your choices and be prepared to change direction if one route doesn’t work out, with determination you will get there!

Mrs Sally Davies