Each week we are doing a series of introductions to our dedicated Governors, all extremely busy individuals, who work tirelessly behind the scenes supporting and advising about all aspects of school life. Our third introduction is to Graham Thompson, a Kingsley Governor and a representative of the wider Methodist Church. What achievements have made you most proud? I have always loved numbers and was very keen to be an accountant when I left school. However, just after I finished my ‘A’ levels, I had a life-changing experience of God breaking into my life – whilst in North Devon! It soon became clear that God wanted me to be a full-time church minister but I still wanted to be an accountant. We tussled for several months until I gave in and – by a circuitous route – I found myself in theological college in 1983. I am pleased that I have found out what God wanted me to do with my life and I hope – and believe – that I have proved useful to a great many along the way. What advice would you give to your teenage self? I wasn’t a confident teenager and so I would want to go back and tell myself that the rest of your life is
going to be very different. You will need to let go of some of your hang-ups, trust others and trust God. Be
prepared to love and be loved because the best is yet to be!
What inspires you at the moment?
I get great inspiration from the Bible and Christian writers. However, there is nothing better than
giving quality time to other people and learning from them about life, love, hope, faith and so
much more. Every conversation we have with another person changes us and so every encounter
is of great value and not to be wasted.