A Happy New Year to everyone. It is lovely to see the pupils back in school – there does come a point during the break when I think we all realise it is time to get back to a normal routine, and whilst the shock of the early starts might be unwelcome, it is great to see friends again and to catch-up on all the news.

It has been great to welcome Mr Last to the school. His warmth and good humour have shone through during these first days and it was a great pleasure sharing our first assembly with him yesterday. During this we discussed the importance of saying thank you for all the lovely gifts we have received, especially as we live in a time of plenty which makes it is easy to take things for granted. We look forward to welcoming him formally this afternoon at his service of welcome.

We will be holding our Open Day this term on Thursday 12th January (8.45am -3.30pm), it will be an ideal for anyone who is a little bit curious to find out more about our school (perhaps nursery parents wishing to take a look at the Junior School) or indeed an informal opportunity to meet Mr Last, alongside myself and tour the school campus. If you would like to book prior to arrival, to let us know when to expect you during the day, please contact our Registrar Mrs Caroline Bailey (cbailey@kingsleyschoolbideford.co.uk or 01237 426200).

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The New Year is all about reflecting on what has gone before; what has gone well and what we could improve on and then deciding what to do about it. We’ll be discussing our resolutions in assembly on Monday and taking some time to think about what these could be.

For some of our older pupils, a great New Year’s resolution would be around becoming more independent; taking more responsibility at the start of the day and relying less on you as parents to organise their bags and belongings.

I do hope you all had a wonderful break and look forward to catching up with you during the Open Day or as the term proceeds.

Matthew Lovett