As I am sure is the case for most of you, we all have to answer to someone in our working lives. Some people may not have “bosses” as such but they will normally have business partners or family members with whom they work, with whom they make strategic decisions and whom they consult on a regular basis. For a Headmaster, the reporting line is very clear: I am appointed by and directly accountable to our Governing Body. Some of you may not have realised that we have a Governing Body and others of you might perhaps not fully appreciate what it is that they actually do. I thought it would be helpful to share a few thoughts this week as we begin a short series of “pen portraits” of our Governors over the coming weeks. You will find the first of these portraits will be posted this evening as we introduce our new Chair of Governors, Lisa Harty.

The Governors of Kingsley School set the overall strategic objectives for Kingsley School and it is my responsibility to then deliver on those objectives as effectively as I can. If you prefer a metaphor, then perhaps a simple one is that the Governing Body set the direction for the ship to go in and it is my job to steer it! Governors also act a “critical friends” to a school. All of us have, I suspect, those friends whom we know and trust to tell us the truth when we need to hear something that we might not wish to hear (spinach in the teeth, that kind of thing) and our Governors also fulfil this role in the school.

All of our Governors are volunteers; none are paid for the time and effort that they put in to leading the school. Some of them are also in full-time employment and they bring their professional expertise as consultants, teachers, accountants, religious ministers, soldiers, lawyers, solicitors, Civil Servants, business owners etc to bear on the running of the school. Some of them have now retired from full-time work but have a wealth of experience which they share willingly and freely with the school.

I for one am hugely grateful to have such a supportive, yet gently critical, group of Governors. They are fiercely proud and protective of Kingsley School and their strongest desire is to see the school thrive and prosper long into the future. I hope that you enjoy discovering a little more about them in the weeks to come.

As I write this I have driven through the hail/snow/slush to spend a few days in Germany, meeting serving military parents who will be returning to the UK in the next year or so, as the British Armed presence in Germany returns home. Many of these families will be relocated to different armed forces bases in the UK or elsewhere and we have a wonderful boarding community which I will be inviting them to consider for their children.

Auf wiedersehen!

Mr Pete Last