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Pastoral Care lies at the heart of the School’s overall policy which seeks to provide a caring happy environment in which young people can develop to their full potential.

It aims to extend the pupils’ learning skills in line with their spiritual, moral, social, personal and physical development, and thus enable them to manage their present lives and prepare them for adult life in an ever changing society.

Successful pastoral care is a partnership between the School and the home.  Kingsley School is committed to developing and maintaining strong links with parents or guardians.

Pastoral Structure
Each pupil has a Tutor who guides them on a day to day basis.  The Tutor is someone to whom a pupil can turn to for advice on any aspect of school life.
Tutor groups meet for registration in the morning and the afternoon and have a tutor period twice a week. Tutors are immediately responsible for the pastoral care of those within their group.

Tutors liaise closely with the Heads of Year and with the Deputy Heads who are charged with the overall responsibility for the academic and social welfare and discipline of the pupils.

The Heads of Year are responsible for implementing the tutorial programme and maintaining close links with Boarding Housemasters and Housemistresses.
The Heads of Year meet with their tutors weekly to discuss concerns, monitor the progress of individuals and to monitor and ensure academic progress.
The Heads of Year also meet with the Deputy Head (Pastoral) weekly.

Each pupil also belongs to a House, each of which is in the charge of a Housemaster or Housemistress.  In the case of boarding pupils, the boarding House Parent, under the leadership of the Head of Boarding, is directly responsible for pastoral care and supervision at all times outside the teaching day.  In this they are assisted by other resident staff.

The Chaplain’s role of spiritual ministry for the whole school includes assemblies.  The Chaplain is also a member of the Pastoral Team.  Pupils are aware that they may talk to the Chaplain whenever they feel a need to do so.

The School Matron oversees the healthcare of pupils, aided by the School Doctors.

Full details of the Schools Pastoral Care Policy can be found be HERE

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