Making your GCSE choices is a key moment in the life of any pupil. It is likely that most of the big decisions about your education to this
point (such as which school you will attend) will have been made by your parents, although hopefully your opinions will have been sought! This really is a moment for you to make some very
important decisions for yourself, with the support and advice of your
teachers and your parents.

You are about to embark on some very challenging courses and you therefore need to be sure you have chosen courses that will excite and motivate you for 2 years of intensive study. You also need to be making your choices with half an eye to your future. Very few pupils in Year 9 have a clear idea as to their likely future career path, so we would recommend that you keep a breadth of choices at this stage so that you do not close any doors that you might wish to open again when you get to the 6th form.

So, join us, with your parents for our upcoming GCSE Information Evening.

Mr Pete Last