Matthew Lovett's Garden in Cornwall

Matthew Lovett’s Garden in Cornwall

Two weeks into term and we’re settling well into the routines of school life. The fantastic weather this week has helped and I am pleased to see how hard the children are working. Great start everyone!

And with the publication of the ISI Inspection report we can now celebrate the fantastic success of our Early Years provision (Nursery, Pre School and Reception), which has been rated Outstanding in all aspects. This is a superb achievement and I would like offer my sincere congratulations on behalf of the whole school community to Mrs Wilson, Mrs Maynard and Miss Dare and all the team for achieving this excellent outcome.

This week in a our assemblies the children learnt a little bit more about me and things I love doing, so lots of photos of my garden and our animals and Miss Timms related the story of Joseph and how, despite the terrible things that happened to him, in the end it all came good; in other words, God has a plan, not always obvious, and having faith means trusting in his plan and not despairing, however hard things can be. In a way there’s an important message for the children that comes out of both my assembly and Chapel with Miss Timms. I am very proud of my garden which has been a labour of love over 9 years, taking a wilderness and giving it structure and form, so that now we have an oasis that fills me with joy every time I go there (the first thing I will do tonight when I get back to Cornwall will be to see how the bees and the grapes and the chickens are all doing). But it has taken constant work over many years, little steps and hard graft. We did not know what we would have at the end, we just trusted that we could make it better, and the result is way beyond what I ever imagined before we started.

This week I have spent some time watching the children work, both during lessons and after school in prep and afterschool care. I have seen how hard some of the children try and how hard some of the children find certain tasks and skills. And some have needed encouragement to keep going; like Joseph and like my garden, they need to know that it will come good if they faith in themselves, but it needs lots of small steps, and whilst it is not always obvious that you have made progress, it’s only when you look back, that you realise how far you have come.

So for all of the pupils and particularly those who find things like reading or completing homework or understanding new ideas hard, remember, persevere, keep going, because you will get there.

Have a good weekend.

Matthew Lovett