National Theatre Connections Play ‘The Free9’ by Kingsley Community Theatre Group – Kingsley School Theatre

The talented cast of ‘The Free9’ tells the story of a gang of North Korean street orphans who dream of a life of freedom, K-pop bands and South Korean game shows. Fleeing to a safe country further south, the group are haunted by lost relatives and the fear of being captured and returned. A topical new play about hope, escape and cultural difference, inspired by the true story of the Laos 9 and all of the forgotten people inside North Korea.

Michele Borsten and Peter Burford have been working so hard preparing the cast – please do come along and enjoy the performances.

Tickets will be on the door, adults £5, children are free.

Suitable for ages 11+


Kingsley School 

12th March 7.30pm

13th March 7.30pm

14th March 7.30pm

Plough Theatre Torrington

15th March 7.30pm

Theatre Royal Plymouth

19th April 7.00pm




Congratulations to the cast of National Theatre Connections play, The Free9 for four fabulous performances this week. Wishing you all the best of luck as you prepare to take the play to the Theatre Royal in Plymouth on the 19th April.