Christmas Celebrations

As usual in any Prep School, the run up to the last day with Christmas celebrations have been very busy. For us it started a few months ago with preparations and rehearsals for both choir and for EYFS and KS1 for their wonderful nativity ‘Hey Ewe’. We also had the Christmas Fayre, enjoyed by many at the end of November, along with a number of Christmas performances by the choir, the Christingle last Friday, Christmas Jumper day, the Carol Service on the last day of term, and of course, two wonderful days of performances of ’Hey Ewe’, which I am sure many of you came to enjoy.

Christmas is a very special time of year, especially for families as they enjoy time celebrating together. In Monday’s assemblies over the last few weeks, we have been remembering and reminding ourselves of the very first Christmas using a kids TV programme called Superbook, where two children and their robot travel back to Bible times through their Superbook. Many children of course know the story of the nativity very well, but during a time when everything surrounding Christmas can crowd out the Christmas message, the TV episode was a helpful and engaging reminder of the Christmas message.

Have a great Christmas together and a happy New Year. We look forward to seeing everyone again in January.


Andrew Trythall

Head of Kingsley Prep School