Problem Solving Skills

Year 7 are enjoying their weekly problem solving lesson.  This week the question is about planning a school trip. These problem solving lessons are designed to help the students learn to select relevant information and choose the calculations they need to do in order...

An Outdoor Education!

Year 12 experiencing their first expedition of the BTEC Outdoor Education course whilst our silver D of E group were also enjoying the great outdoors.

French Breakfast

Students at Kingsley were celebrating ‘European Day of Languages’ and day 2 of Kingsley’s Language Awareness Week with a delicious French breakfast on Tuesday. Bon appétit!

Camaraderie and team spirit

The Gliddon and Squires North Devon Cross Country League 2027/2018 season opened today at Kingsley. Congratulations to everyone who got their spikes out and ran the fairly gruelling course today, especially those runners who were tempted to quit and just kick off...
“Inspection, introspection and reflection”

“Inspection, introspection and reflection”

  I have spent three days this week away from school. This was not because I fancied a quick mini-break, it was because I am an ISI inspector and I am therefore expected to make myself available for inspection duties at least once a year. I cannot say where I have...