Kingsley students are celebrating their GCSE results today after an extraordinary year.

With 100% pass rate and some exceptional individual successes, students have achieved their potential, despite the pandemic. Drama was the best performing subject this year with all students averaging a grade 8.

Headteacher, Mrs Gill Jackson, is exceptionally proud of the resilience of Kingsley students and their success today, said: “I hope every Kingsley pupil is delighted with their results today. There has been so much uncertainty surrounding the GCSE exams this year, and I would like to commend Kingsley Year 11 for their acceptance that this is the most exceptional and difficult of years to navigate, without the usual celebrations and rite of passage. I congratulate each of them on their individual and collective successes today, which are so well deserved.”

“I am deeply impressed by the energy, commitment and passion of our Year 11 pupils. I am also bowled over by the continuous care and support the year group have shown to one another during the untimely and unwelcome disruption to their GCSE final year.”

“I believe part of our success is our deliberately small classes at Kingsley which allow close friendships and also enable our teachers to work very closely with each pupil and ensure they are given every opportunity throughout their Kingsley school days to reach their potential.”

“I would like to thank the teaching staff at Kingsley for their full support, expertise and time given to the online teaching programme last term in addition to ensuring our grading system this summer has been rigorous, objective and fair for this year group. “

The GCSE results follow Kingsley success at A level last week, when 55% of pupils achieved A – A* grades.

Year 11 student, Elijah, who received his exam results today, said: “It’s been a good day so far! I am so pleased with how my results have panned out, especially my 9’s in some of my favourite subjects, Drama, English Language and Spanish. I do feel sorry for a lot of pupils who have done A levels and have had a rollercoaster week. Thankfully we have not had the additional algorithm stress on us all today!”

Year 10 student, Kirsty, who took English GCSE a year early said: “I have just opened my results envelope and I am very happy with my Grade 8 in English. Thank you to Kingsley for enabling me to sit this exam a year early. I suffer from chronic pain when I write, so it has been hugely helpful to be able to take this subject early. Thank you to my English teacher, Miss Makepeace, for all her support.”

Year 11 student, Harry, added:

“I am really pleased with the results I have received today. I must admit I was feeling nervous in anticipation of opening my results, but I am delighted and relieved now. I have the grades I need to continue studying at Kingsley, and I will be taking Business, Economics, Geography and English in the Sixth Form. I am off to celebrate now!”

Background – Kingsley’s approach to grade prediction

As is widely known, following the extensive media coverage over the last few days, for the first time ever, students across the country are receiving GCSEs today based on teacher assessed grades.


Today we took the unusual step of giving our GCSE students additional information about how we arrived at the suggested grade we submitted to the exam boards in May 2020, as we were determined to ensure that our pupils felt that the grades they received today accurately reflected the work they had put into their GCSE studies.

The results have been awarded following an extensive internal process at Kingsley to ensure that grades are fair and accurately reflect what would have been each student’s most likely performance in the public exams, based on the considerable experience and expertise of your teachers.

Earlier this year, when we knew exams had been cancelled, Kingsley teachers compiled a portfolio of evidence, for each student in each subject. This included detailed evidence about each pupil’s performance over the whole length of their GCSE course. We used evidence such as mock exam results, classwork assessments and test results, as well as controlled assessment work (where relevant) completed by 20th March 2020. We also looked at the evidence of the levels of participation over time in practical subjects, prior attainment levels and then undertook a comparison with similar students from previous years. While conducting this process, we were seeking to give the exam boards the most accurate predictions we could provide, with the intention that our grades would be upheld, whatever algorithms were applied.

Subject teachers were guided by the need for objectivity in the data used for this purpose. They then submitted their pupil grade recommendation to one other senior member of staff who provided additional support and impartiality. The judgements made about each student were then subject to final scrutiny and sign off by our Headteacher, Mrs Gill Jackson, cross-checking the recommended grade against other progress data held by the school.

You may be interested to know that the same rigour was applied to our suggested grades for our year 13 students, and we had very few grades altered when the results were published last week. That means all our year 13 students have been able to avoid the confusion that many students across the UK are currently facing over their university places.

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