Welcome to a new school year.

We have had a wonderful start to the term.  Children are settled and happy to be back with their friends.  As you will see from this newsletter, it has been a busy week.  Our activity programme is in full swing. Our Duke of Edinburgh teams have been out on an expedition, Prep pupils have enjoyed a residential trip, produce is being harvested at the ecology zone and our surfers have been to Westward Ho! beach.

With everything, we will continue to proceed with caution, endeavouring to find the right balance between protecting the health of our pupils and employees and delivering a full Kingsley education while living with Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Lateral Flow Testing

Testing remains important in reducing the risk of transmission of infection within schools. We currently offer all senior school pupils twice-weekly Lateral Flow Tests and will continue until the end of September when this policy will be reviewed.

Staff and pupils with a positive LFT result should self-isolate at home and get a free PCR test to check if they have Covid-19. If the PCR test is taken within 2 days of the positive lateral flow test and is negative, the PCR test overrides the lateral flow test and the pupil/member of staff can return to School, as long as the individual does not have Covid-19 symptoms.


16-18 year olds can now book walk-in vaccinations at selected mass vaccination sites via https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-vaccination/find-a-walk-in-coronavirus-covid-19-vaccination-site/  At the moment 16 and 17 year olds are getting one vaccine and those over 17 ¾  are offered a second dose.  The government and senior medical advisors are recommending the vaccine, however, vaccinations are voluntary and each individual family and pupil will need to weigh up the risks and benefits for themselves.

From next week, across the country, 12- 15 year olds will be offered their first shot of coronavirus vaccine. The School Age Immunisation Service will administer the vaccination programme in schools and schools such as Kingsley are purely just providing the venue. Parents will be contacted directly by the School Age Immunisation Service regarding consent or otherwise for the vaccination.  The Government has shared a useful guide: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-vaccination-resources-for-children-and-young-people/covid-19-vaccination-a-guide-for-eligible-children-and-young-people-aged-12-to-17  If you have any further questions regarding this vaccination, please contact our school nurse Louise Cheesman lcheesman@kingsleyschoolbideford.co.uk


With my very best wishes

Mr Alastair Ramsay – Headteacher – head@kingsleyschoolbideford.co.uk