Senior School

Welcome to our Senior School, where Kingsley’s Discover-Nurture – Celebrate vision really comes into its own.

As our students grow into their teenage years and mature from slightly apprehensive Year 7’s into confident Year 11’s looking forward to joining our 6th Form, each and every member of staff will strive to do whatever they can to bring out the very best in each and every student.

On the academic front, a wide range of GCSE subjects is taught by dedicated, specialist staff, with results that, year after year, meet and often exceed pupils’ most optimistic expectations.

Outside the classroom, whether it’s representing the school at sport, acting, singing, making music or art, our students find themselves beating their “personal best” again and again.

They throw themselves into our eclectic range of extra-curricular activities too, including surfing and the ever-popular Duke of Edinburgh’s Award programme.

They raise significant amounts of money through creative charity and sponsorship projects.

Sometimes it’s hard to work out how they manage to keep all the plates spinning.

But, under the caring and watchful eyes of their teachers and tutors, they do.



Kingsley’s GCSE curriculum provides a broad combination of subjects to cater for all aptitudes. Pupils study a common core of subjects, which includes English Language, Maths, and Sciences. All pupils also follow a non-examined course in PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) as part of our broader tutorial programme throughout Year 10 & Year 11.

In addition to this core curriculum, pupils are asked to make four further subject choices that best suit their aptitudes, interests, and aspirations. We encourage pupils to choose a broad range of subjects, but most importantly subjects which they enjoy. The choice of subjects made leads to GCSE examinations at the end of Year 11 and can also have important implications for Sixth Form subject choices.

This page allows pupils, and their families, to view GCSE subject presentations and find out more about each GCSE course. There will be follow up opportunities for pupils to meet with their tutors to ensure that the number and balance of GCSE subjects is appropriate. In addition, Tutors will also be in regular contact with parents to answer questions over the coming weeks.

For more information on this event please contact Mrs Chrissy Hamilton (Deputy Headteacher – Academics) by email at

Our ‘Introduction to GCSE Options‘ brochure can be downloaded here.