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When you join Kingsley School, you join the Kingsley family. Every child is known as an individual whose strengths and interests are nurtured and developed by specialist teachers, small class sizes, and specialist support for all learning needs.

Our Wellbeing and Character Education Programme ensures students can excel across a range of sports, performing arts, outdoor pursuits, leadership and academic pursuits and service and volunteering opportunities.

All of this is underpinned by our focus on sustainability and environmentalism which prepares students for the parts they will play in developing a better world and becoming world-class global citizens.

“Students develop high levels of self-confidence and self knowledge due to excellent support from dedicated staff.”

ISI Inspection, 2019

Year 10 & 11 students build on their interests and strengths, choosing GCSE subjects that will develop their love of learning. The three key aptitudes will be further refined to demonstrate global literacy, creativity, critical thinking, mindfulness, curiosity, ethics and leadership. Students will explore options in different subject pathways and combinations before embarking on their GCSE journey.

Year 7-9 students follow a broad and rich curriculum aimed at developing the following key aptitudes;

  • Knowledge – what we know and understand
  • Skills – how we use what we know
  • Character –  how we behave and engage with the world

GCSE subjects

Art & Design

English Language*



English Literature





Computer Science


Religious Studies






Sports Science

*These subjects are compulsory though the sciences may be combined to equate to 2 full GCSEs, rather than 3 separate GCSEs.


Additional Subjects

Students will also do PE (Physical Education) and PSHE (Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education)