About Kingsley

Choosing the right school for your child can be a daunting experience. Not only do parents often struggle to work out the right balance between school size and pastoral care that won’t limit their child, they also need to find the right educational environment to suit them. Yet fear not, choosing a small independent day and boarding school can open up big opportunities for children.

So how do we define Kingsley School?

Kingsley School is a boarding school which also accepts day pupils. Kingsley is best described as a school which helps pupils come out of their shell, develop friendships, deepen their confidence and achieve their best academic performance. Students at Kingsley have the sensation of living and learning in a family setting rather than in a staid, distant institution. Furthermore, Kingsley positively encourages students to develop close friendships within and across year groups, building strong connections which often go on to last a lifetime.

Of course, at Kingsley School, all the teachers know all the students on a first-name basis.  The school has the added benefit of providing students with much smaller class sizes than a typical school, or indeed other independent schools. If your child struggles with science or finds Spanish grammar complicated, the increased one-to-one contact helps the school establish where students have difficulties. This way they can tackle the issues head on, as opposed to leaving a student to struggle on alone. Mentoring is also an active part in school life, with sixth formers nurturing and supporting year 7 students when they join senior school helping deal with any minor blip, across to reception class welcoming pre-school children for their regular transition days.

Students are also positively encouraged to form an active part of the school community; daily form times and assemblies involving all students and staff provides every one the chance to voice concerns or problems, providing an active dialogue between student and teacher. Forming part of a community environment means students in schools such as Kingsley School develop a unique sense of togetherness during their entire school career.

Our school prides itself is on the leadership and confidence boosting opportunities for children in all year groups, from nursery to sixth form. From sports to drama and music, students are challenged and encouraged to develop their interests and confidence as an individual. Students will leave school with outstanding leadership qualities and a new found confidence, standing them in good stead for future studies and life after education.

We are of course biased, but strongly believe Kingsley School provides the perfect start to education, offering confidence-building extracurricular activities and a level of pastoral care which is second to none. Children feel at home and supported whilst benefiting from a tailor-made education to build upon their talents and help target areas which need additional support.

Do come and find out for yourself, a warm welcome awaits.

Mr Alastair Ramsay