I am grateful for all that has been done this term with Kingsley remote schooling – the organisation and dedication to the children has been remarkable – a credit to all. I send my thanks.


Stella Draycott.

Our son, Devoran, was due to sit his GCSE’s this year, in a local state school. However, as many students and families have similarly experienced worldwide, these all-important exams were, of course, cancelled. Devoran had applied for a position on the A-Level Oxbridge Programme at Kingsley School, having attended a Maths Masterclass here organised by Mrs Hamilton, back when he was in Year 9, and having been impressed by the teaching and the support for pupils demonstrated by the staff at Kingsley, as well as having a dream firmly in mind about attending a university as respected as both Oxbridge and Cambridge are. However, with no GCSE results to show, Devoran was devastated, believing his dreams of a place upon Kingsley’s Oxbridge programme was yet another casualty of Covid-19.

Fortunately, he did not have to grieve for long! Before the fated week of the 23rd of March was over, we had received an email from the dedicated and hardworking admissions team at Kingsley School to say that they were satisfied enough with Devoran’s mock exam results to offer him an unconditional position on the Oxbridge Programme. To say that there were celebrations in our house that evening would be a massive understatement! The admissions team explained that they saw no point in prolonging our anxiety. How absolutely wonderfully empathetic towards the welfare of students (and their families) that team is, to be so willing to offer such relief to us at such a terribly difficult time! And this thoughtfulness towards the wellbeing of their students runs through the entire staff.

 Under the guidance of the inestimable Mrs Hamilton, the Kingsley Team has followed up on their endeavours with a whole programme of exciting “Zoom” classes for the impending Sixth Form students, to prepare them for the next two years. Offering the young people this structure and an opportunity to expand upon their knowledge is another example of the dedication to their students that I have found in abundance at Kingsley School. Most other schools are only thinking now about what to do with their year 12s, after the recent government instruction that they have to, whereas at Kingsley school, their interest in their pupils, even those such as Devoran who technically has not even started there yet, has never waned. Devoran had used descriptions such as “a really cool new kind of maths” and “Freaking Awesome particle physics” to inform us about the classes he has attended to date. Despite always being a keen student, he has never been this enthusiastic about his lessons in any other school. He says the teachers are great, and the other pupils seem just as keen as he is to learn. We are so, very happy that our son is doing his A Levels at this small but superb school. I cannot recommend Kingsley School, and their fabulous staff with their amazing attitudes towards teaching and learning, highly enough, and I was already enamoured with the fact that they received the best A Level results in all of Devon last year! Now, we know why!

Elizabeth Antoinette Anstis (Parent)

“Kingsley’s remote schooling programme has been a special time for Sophie to be able to continue her school work at home. Thank you for the wonderful support from the school and teachers.” 

Mrs Grills

“You’re doing a great job with remote learning! Thank you, from The Cobb Family.”

The Cobb Family

“We’ve already seen great improvements in Lucy’s confidence since starting at Kingsley, we’re so pleased that it’s starting to show in the academic work too. We’ve also noticed that her increased confidence has made her reading a lot easier.” 

Mrs Wheavil

“Thank you to all the teaching staff for everything they are doing to keep the children focussed and engaged during this time. I look forward to the day when school can reopen in whatever form the government decides.” 

Mrs Horrocks

Many thanks for all your support with our children during this time

A Cooper

I just wanted to write you an email to thank you for your excellent teaching and support. I think it was clear it was quite a difficult time in my life, and I wouldn’t have got where I was today without the support I had. You really were a superb teacher and took every step to help and went above and beyond – we were always extremely well prepared for our exams and you gave us such confidence. I also will always remember how you took the time to go through A Level Medical Physics with me and how you got me in touch with Sam. I am pleased to let you know that I am now officially a Doctor and also gained an additional intercalated BSc while at university. I really can’t thank you enough. I hope you are keeping safe during these difficult times.” 

Dr Broomfield

Bethany is really enjoying completing all the challenges! It has been lovely for her to work on some of them together with her sister Felicity and some of them independently. I am sure she will relish the next set of challenges! Genuinely, Kingsley’s online learning programme is far exceeding our expectations. I have nothing but positive comments for everything the school is doing!

J Willmott

Thanks to Kingsley School our son had two years of sixth form that he really enjoyed. As a teacher, I know that trust and benevolence are necessary for successful learning. This is particularly true if a young person is affected by learning disabilities like our son (dyslexia and ADS). Kingsley School has proved to be a very trustworthy and dedicated educational partner with excellent communication. On top of this, the school is situated in an outstanding landscape and in a pretty little town with lots of outdoor activities to engage in. Kingsley School has given our son a head start. He went on to study successfully at a British University and has grown an able and happy young man with an entrepreneurial spirit. We are very grateful for the education our son received at Kingsley School during those important formative years.

Dank Kingsley School hatte unser Sohn zwei Jahre Oberstufe, die er wirklich genoss. Als Lehrerin weiß ich, dass Vertrauen und Fürsorge nötig für erfolgreiches Lernen sind. Dies gilt insbesondere wenn ein junger Mensch von Lernschwierigkeiten betroffen ist, wie unser Sohn (Dyslexie und ADS). Kingsley School hat sich als ein sehr vertrauenswürdiger, engagierte und hervorragend kommunizierender Bildungspartner erwiesen. Die Schule befindet sich außerdem in einer ausgezeichneten Lage und in einer schönen kleinen Stadt mit vielen Möglichkeiten für Outdoor-Aktivitäten. Kingsley School hat unserem Sohn einen Vorsprung gegeben. Nach der Schule studierte er erfolgreich an einer britischen Universität und ist zu einem fähigen und ausgeglichenen jungen Mann mit Unternehmergeist geworden. Wir sind sehr dankbar für die Ausbildung, die unser Sohn bei Kingsley School während diesen wichtigen und prägenden Jahren bekam.



Both Paula and Víctor will take amazing things with them as a result of their time at Kingsley and all the extraordinary experiences they have enjoyed.  To a great extent this is the result of the brilliant work of all teachers and staff at the Kingsley School Bideford.  We would like to thank you all for making this possible!”


A quick e-mail to say a huge thank you to Kingsley School for the support and confidence that you and your team have provided to our daughter. This has enabled her to achieve her A levels against the odds and secure a place at her first choice university. Kingsley provided the support and encouragement where other institutions failed to do so and we cannot thank you and the team around her enough. Thank you so much and we wish Kingsley all the very best for its continued success.

Angela and Ben

“Please let Miss Makepeace know that Georgie has just graduated with a first class degree in English & Creative Writing. Her help and encouragement when Georgie was in the Upper Sixth was wonderful and she went the extra mile. I can’t praise her or thank her enough.


A fantastic set of A level results, showing the hard work and dedication of all the staff at Kingsley School and the hard work and effort put in by the pupils! Please pass on my congratulations to all.


“I just wanted to say thank you and well done for the Magic Snake play. It was fantastic, full of energy, great songs and lots of funny moments! I cannot believe that the confident, expressive and happy Wizard on stage was my Freddie! Thank you so much for all your hard work and efforts, not only with the play but with everything else you do for Freddie. He is becoming such a well-rounded young man. I am so proud of him.