Our incredible pupils within the Prep and Senior School GCs have been exceptionally positive while completing the first level of our brand-new Adaptive Judo Program.
Earlier this year we welcomed Kerry Tansey from the British Judo Association Adaptive Judo Team, who, alongside Simon Ward, introduced a model to allow our pupils to gain access to Judo.
Our adaptive judo program has allowed many of our pupils to access physical activities through Judo during the past term. This has developed with encouragement and resilience as we have continued building confidence and expanding opportunities to enhance participation, enjoyment, and performances in adaptive and inclusive judo activities.
Our program reinforces the development of scientific research by the University of Central Florida, autism and related disabilities disorder specialists. Their study found that children who participated in an adaptive judo program showed that 78% of parents reported a noticeable increase in their child’s confidence, while 56% of them reported that their child became more open to trying new experiences and 78% of parents reported improvements in their child’s social skills.
Our pupils have been fantastic; their journeys over this term have been outstanding. They have all grown in confidence and participation in learning and improving many key fundamental skills, and increasing their physical fitness and well-being.
Tabitha said she enjoyed the throws and games, learning something new. Harlen said he most enjoyed doing the throws with his teachers. While Lucas said he loved Judo because of all the moves he has learnt and likes being the coach’s supporter for all the moves.
Our aim now is to continue to develop the program and progress our pupils’ enjoyment and fun while maintaining the learning and challenging new skills. We are looking at being involved in the British Schools Adaptive Competition in the long term.
Mr Ward
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