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 Non-Tier 4 Boarder£1,000
 Tier 4 Boarders£4,000


Applications are now being accepted for September 2022 scholarships.



Candidates may be considered for an Academic scholarship along with individual scholarships in Music, Performing Arts, Sport, Art and the Kingsley Top Universities Programme. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of an interview, audition or assessment at the School, together with a supporting portfolio of achievement in the relevant subject. Candidates who figure very highly in all three areas but do not gain an individual award may be considered for an All-Round Scholarship at the Headteacher’s discretion. If an All Round Scholarship is offered it will be based on academic performance and performance in two other scholarship areas.

Scholarship awards usually stay with each student, subject to satisfactory conduct, participation and progress, until the end of the Sixth Form. Scholarships are reviewed annually in line with a set of expectations provided to parents on the award.

Online aptitude tests are taken on the day (or can be taken at another time with prior arrangement).

To register your child for the tests or for further information, please call our Admissions Team on 01237 426200 or email at: admissions@kingsleyschoolbideford.co.uk


Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships are awarded to pupils joining Years 7, 9 and 12 on the basis of performance in the scholarship tests, together with a report from the child’s present Headteacher.


Subject Scholarship – Music

The key aim of the Scholarship test is to assess the musical potential of each candidate. She/he needs to perform 2 contrasting pieces on their main instrument, which could be voice.  They will also be asked scales and arpeggios of the appropriate standard. They will be given a piece of sight reading to attempt and will have some aural tests to assess their musical ear. Each candidate is also interviewed to ascertain their musical interests. No written examination is required for the music scholarship.

All scholars, whether or not they are first study singers, are expected to join the school choir as part of their contribution to school life. This, as well as being a service to the community, helps them to develop fundamental musicianship in a way that instrumental playing alone cannot.

The Music Block has accommodation that includes a large teaching classroom, an electronic studio for keyboard studies, and audio studio for computer-based composition (GCSE and ‘A’ level).  The School Theatre has a Concert Grand piano.

The Head of Music, Mr Leigh Crossman, would be pleased to answer any questions or listen informally to any potential candidate before the day of the assessment.


Subject Scholarship – Drama

Candidates should bring a portfolio containing evidence of experience, qualifications and references. In addition, they should prepare a short “dramatic” piece, either speaking in role as a character they have created or performing a monologue from a play script. They are also required to learn and recite a poem or prose piece focusing on vocal expression. Finally, they will be set some improvisation tasks to perform. There will also be an informal discussion about their experience, hopes and aspirations in Drama.


Subject Scholarship – Sports

Kingsley School is committed to providing support to outstanding performers for the school and welcomes applications for Sports Scholarships. It is an expectation that Sports Scholars would represent the school in at least two major sports, and set an example to other members of the school in attitude, behaviour, commitment to training and sportsmanship.

To apply for a Sports Scholarship please send a CV showing all levels of achievement within the identified sports with a letter from the applicant stating what they think they can offer the School. The Physical Education Department will consider the applications, interview candidates, and complete fitness and skills testing. The following should act as a guide to applicants: they would be expected to play at county level or in a county development squad, or be identified as gifted and talented in sport, or have outside representation with a good level in club performance, or play 3 sports to a high level at their current school.


Subject Scholarship – Art

To apply for an Art Scholarship candidates need to submit a portfolio of their work for consideration. This may comprise of drawings, paintings, mixed media or three-dimensional pieces, and should include some evidence of work undertaken in a school setting if possible. There will be no formal interview. Work will be viewed in isolation. Candidates may also be invited to undertake a short practical assessment which will be included in the report to the Headteacher. We will be looking for high levels of technical skill, strong creative approaches and a depth of understanding and ability that we consider to be outstanding.


Top Universities Programme