The Methodist Independent Schools Trust (MIST) and China First Capital Group (CFCG) are delighted to confirm that contracts have been exchanged for the transfer of ownership of Kingsley School to Kingsley Education Ltd, a UK operation of CFCG. It is anticipated that the transaction will complete before the end of March.

Kingsley School was established in 2009 from the merger of Edgehill College (MIST) and Grenville College (Woodard) and since then the Methodist Independent School Trust (MIST) has provided additional investment to provide new facilities, such as the all-weather pitch. For Kingsley to flourish it needs significant additional investment, beyond MIST’s available resources. MIST has therefore been looking for an educational provider who would be able to take the school forward.

CFCG is both listed and headquartered in Hong Kong and has operations in other parts of the world including Singapore, the USA, China, Australia and the UK. CFCG aims to grow the School’s pupil roll and for it to become part of a select portfolio of UK boarding schools in the future. CFCG is passionate about education, is committed to maintaining the values and ethos of the School and has the expertise and funding available to build on the current Kingsley experience to enable the pupils and the staff of the school to flourish.

CFCG believes that continuity is key to ensuring that confidence is both maintained and enhanced within the pupil, parental and staff bodies whilst also allowing the School to realise an outstanding future. Stability is important and to that end CFCG wishes to maintain the present staffing structure of the School and continue the school’s curriculum and extra-curricular programme. At the same time, this change in ownership will also ensure significant new investment and will provide great long-term financial security for the School.

Although Kingsley will no longer be part of MIST, MIST has previous and ongoing experience of working with CFCG on other projects and believes that it will respect the traditions and ethos of the school. MIST therefore believes that the best interests of the school will be served by this change.

An exciting and ambitious future ahead for our school.