Welcome to the boarding blog at Kingsley School. As you may be aware we have a number of trips and events that happen in boarding throughout the term. These are posted on the website as an annual calendar. Our trips are supported by the academic day staff and many of them tell me how wonderful it is to take the boarders on these trips as they get to know them outside of the classroom and to meet some they do not teach. The boarders themselves like getting to know their teachers; laughing as they fall over on the ice, beating them in karting or been ambushed in paintball.



We are really fortunate to have many local attractions that give our boarders a wide range of experiences. One of these is wakeboarding.



We also come together as a boarding community to have fun. It is a great to see boys, girls, young and old having fun together whether it is playing silly games in our Saint ‘n’ Sausages party or running around at the Big Sheep Ewetopia play area. It is the mass hide and seek game that I feel is the highlight, where all the boarders hide and the staff have to try find or catch them.

Each house also hosts their own events or trips. Belvoir House this term organised a ‘Body Shop’ (cosmetics) activity and had an in house Christmas dinner with Secret Santa. Longfield House had a great night out bowling, well done to Mr Halstead’s team for winning and then pizza at Pizza Hut. Mr Stella took some keen karting enthusiasts to Nigel Mansell’s karting track, were Jack was the supreme champion followed closely by William and Mr Stella. The junior boys in Carisbrooke House have also gone out for pizza and Chinese to celebrate birthdays in the house. They also went to the circus when it came to Bideford and a group regularly go swimming Saturday mornings.

At the end of term we have a traditional Christmas Party. The wonderful kitchen staff provide us with a lovely Christmas Dinner and then we have a disco afterwards, where it is always entertaining to see the dance styles of staff compared to the boarders.


I would also like to tell you about our weekly Chapel that either our Chaplain, Miss Timms, or myself lead. As a part of the service we recognise and celebrate the achievements of our boarders from each house. There are too many to list in this post, so here are a few: Annette for giving judo a go, Marlene for being friendly, helpful and polite, Godfrey for going surfing and then playing basketball, Adam for being the gentleman in the house, Luca for getting the top score in bowling and Leon for winning his judo fight.

As the new term approaches we are looking forward to welcoming everyone back into our boarding community and to giving a special welcome to the new members of our happy boarding family.

Mrs Linda Stella, Head of Boarding