Boarding Life

The aim of our Boarding Houses is simply to be the best home away from home, a place our boarders enjoy returning to, a place of fun and companionship, to share and celebrate the good things in their lives as well as a source of support, advice and guidance.  

Our lively boarding community lies at the heart of Kingsley School.  British and international students live and socialise together, sharing all aspects of school and Boarding House life. We are proud that our boarders leave Kingsley School confident in their ability to communicate with those from different cultures and backgrounds and to thrive in an increasingly multicultural world.

Kingsley Boarders appreciate what it means to be part of a highly supportive community and actively encourage each other to achieve their potential. The high standard of pastoral care within our boarding community ensures that our boarders understand how their actions affect others; they learn to be considerate and tolerant of different views as well as resilient to the challenges that life and learning can bring. 

We have three boarding houses at Kingsley School. Belvoir is the girl’s house, Longfield the senior boy’s house, and Carisbrooke the younger boy’s house.  All three are well equipped with communal areas, games room, café and kitchen.  Boarders have the use of the boarders Gym, the sports hall and extensive grounds for their leisure time.   


There are a wide variety of activities during the week and at weekends and we always welcome new suggestions from our boarders.  Weekday activities include after school clubs, sporting fixtures, movie nights and games nights. On Saturdays, activities range from shopping trips to beach trips, surfing or cycling to go-karting or a cinema trip. On Sundays the focus is on rest and relaxation activities such as games in the sports hall and long walks.


Weekdays start at 7am with the first wake up bell.  Registration follows at 7.45am and breakfast at 8am in the dining hall, then it’s off to tutor group and lessons.  At the end of the School day boarder’s return to their house at 5pm to a warm welcome and a chance to catch up with friends, get changed out of uniform, then its evening registration at 5.45pm followed by Supper in the Dining Hall at 6pm.  On week nights prep runs from 6.30pm to 7.30pm for younger boarders, and until 8pm for older boarders.  Following this there is time to relax, play a game of pool, watch a documentary, play piano, or simply hang out with friends.  Boarders are free to visit the other houses for social time too.

Weekends are more relaxed with a 10am morning bell, a hearty brunch in the dining hall at 10.45am, then weekend activities starting from midday.


Our Catering Team work hard to ensure they serve delicious, nutritious food throughout the day, starting with breakfast, when boarders can enjoy a variety of hot or cold options. At lunch and supper, a hot meal and vegetarian option are available, as well as homemade soup, fresh fruit salad and a well-stocked salad bar.

The boarding houses are well stocked with supplies too, from staples such as fruit juice, bread and cereal, to herbal tea, soya milk, fresh fruit, noodles and, of course, lots of eggs.


Students thinking about boarding at Kingsley are warmly invited to have a taster night in on of our boarding houses. This could be combined with a taster day in school too, or could be just an overnight stay, before being collected again in the morning. You will experience a typical evening in boarding, including supper and prep, and you will be able to join in any of the activities running that evening, from basketball to surfing, and everything inbetween!


Starting a new school can be daunting at the best of times, especially a boarding school miles from home.  We welcome all new boarders with a personal letter from the house parents and the head of house prefect, and where possible we arrange for a virtual tour of the house given by another boarder via facetime. This is a great opportunity for new boarders to ask questions too.  When they arrive at Kingsley School they are welcomed into an fun orientation programme to help them get to know Kingsley School, their boarding house and to make new friends.

Please see below for a short video introduction to Kingsley School from some of our international students