Certificates of Participation

Certificates of Participation

We had a lovely sports festival on Monday with St.Petrocs, with all the Year 3 and Year 4 pupils from both schools working together in mixed teams trying out a variety of sporting tasks and challenges.  Well done to all our pupils who took part and it was a joy to present them with their certificates of participation in Celebration Assembly yesterday.

During that assembly we also explained to the children how they can collect house points both for completing their classroom tasks well, but also for being helpful, kind and considerate when out and around the school. Whilst the details differ depending on the age of the children, the essence is that each child can be presented with a certificate (or for Year 6, a privilege) for gaining a certain number of house points starting with bronze and rising through to platinum (during the term). For the older children, they can also be presented with a Head’s Commendation for a really outstanding piece of work. Our aim is to motivate the pupils to engage positively both in and out of the classroom. I look forward to presenting the first bronze award – I wonder who it will be?

Thank you to all the parents who have offered to be Class Reps for the Friends PTA and I look forward to working with you. We’re lucky to have such a willing group of parents within the school; I hope between us we can do some really nice things to help develop further the experience of school for both the children and also for you, their parents.

Finally, I was really pleased with the number of families who came to the School’s Open Day yesterday. It is gratifying to hear from them the high esteem with which the school is held and also wonderful to hear their very positive feedback at the end of their visits. This in itself is a tribute to your children, who are the school; what our visitors saw were pupils who are courteous and who are thoroughly engaged with their learning, within a warm and friendly environment. So well done and thank you to all the pupils and particularly to the senior pupil tour guides, who were excellent ambassadors for what the pupils can become in the future.

Have a good weekend!

Matthew Lovett